Factors to Consider When Choosing a Replacement Double Glazed Window

An average home loses about ten percent of its heat through doors and windows. Fortunately, double glazing windows are energy efficient as it reduces heat loss, keeping the home much warmer and reducing heating bills. In addition to that, double glazing windows can make the home even quieter.

Double Glazed Window

Double glazed windows consist of two glass sheets with a gap between them that is usually 16mm wide. This gap is the one responsible in creating an insulating barrier in order to slow down the amount of heat or cold air that escapes from your home. Aside from that, triple glazed windows are also already available. Triple glazed windows have three glass sheets and therefore it has two insulating gaps that can provide much better insulation.

Choosing a Double Glazed Window

Choosing the right replacement window for your home can be a difficult process since there are a lot of factors you need to put into consideration. These often include the material of your window frame, the type of glass, as well as whether the type of window is a perfect match to the style of your home. In this article, you will be able to learn some helpful tips on how to look for a replacement window.

Energy Efficiency

If you are looking for a window glass that is energy efficient for your double glazing replacement window, the most energy efficient glass to choose is the Low-E or low emissivity glass.  This glass type usually has an invisible metal oxide coating on the internal panes of the glass that is next to the gap. One major advantage of this glass type is its mere ability to let light in yet cut down on heat loss.

Aside from that, the gap that exists between the two glass panes make the double glazing window very efficient since it is filled with a non-toxic, inert gas. As a matter of fact, this gas has much greater density compared to air; therefore it means that it can effectively reduce the loss of heat or cool air from your home. The most commonly used gas in double glazed windows is Argon since it is colorless, very cost-effective, non-flammable as well as doesn’t react to other gases.


When you replace your windows, it is very important to ensure that your home remains well ventilated since the replacement double glazing windows will be more airtight compared to the originals you used to have. Ventilation is actually very important as it enables fresh air to enter your home as well as allowing moisture to escape. On the other hand, if your home doesn’t have enough passive natural ventilation, then you should look for replacement windows that have trickle vents. These types of windows let you have controlled ventilation in small amounts.

When you decide to have your windows replaced, it’s important that you only hire a professional window company such as double glazing Bolton for the installation and repair services. This is because they have the right tools, equipment, knowledge and expertise on how to perform the job in the most efficient and effective manner.


Five Ways to Be Happier At Home 

Your home is considered an extension of who you really are. What you do within the walls of your home shapes your mood, affects your productivity, as well as influences your overall outlook in life. As a matter of fact, scientific studies have proved that people can have a great impact on their happiness by being able to adjust even tiny little routines and habits that constitute our lives every day. We are, in the first place, in control of our personal outlook in life.

Happier At Home

It is definitely amazing how small little changes to our daily habits and routines can become a catalyst for positive meaningful change in your life. In this article, we have gathered a few simple ideas you can do daily in order for you to feel much happier when you are at home, and you can even bring with you the positive vibe wherever you go.

1. Make Your Home Free From Clutter

Clutter can come with a mental cost. It can bombard you with excessive stimuli, signaling to your brain that work is not completely done, and it can make you anxious and create feelings of guilt and it is never conducive to happiness. Therefore, if you want to increase your happiness or positive vibe at home, start by making your cozy haven free from clutter.

According to an interior design expert, you can start decluttering your home by picking up every item while asking yourself: “Does this item bring me joy?” Experts even recommend that you only keep the items that make you happy inside your home. It is also imperative that you tackle the decluttering process by subject. For example, you can start from books, magazines and related stuffs first, and then you go to photos and mementos, then clothes, and so on. Once you are done decluttering your items, store everything that is left in drawers or closets, arranging your items in a way that it can be seen at a glance.

2. Display Things That Bring Back Happy Memories

Research has shown that past happenings, experiences, and memories can make us happy that any material good cannot match. One of the key reasons for this is the fact that experiences can provide a cycle of enjoyment. By displaying stuffs that bring back happy memories around your home, you will be stretching out the enjoyment cycle of your experiences. Every time that you see that photo of you and your loved ones at Disney, or that porcelain thing your grandma gave you, you will get a little spark of joy from the memory of those certainly happy times.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Spend Money on Things That Can Make Happy Memories at Home

As we have mentioned above, one great way for a happier home is to turn it into a gallery of positive and happy memories. In addition to that, you shouldn’t hesitate on spending money for things that you know can create happy family experiences and memories at home. Some of the best ways to do this is through the following:

  • Turn one of your rooms at home into a space for entertainment and relaxation. You can invest in a home theater and you can gather all the members of your family at least once a week to bond over a good movie and popcorn.
  • Buy a ping pong table for your kids so once in a while the whole family can gather there to witness ping pong tournaments.
  • Get a few board games and a game table and conduct an exclusive family game night at least once a week.

One of the most ideal ways to keep your home a happier and positive one is by creating happy and exciting bonding experiences for the entire family.

4. Fill Your House with Plants

A lot of studies have proved that being out in nature can extremely boost our levels of happiness. In addition to that, bringing nature indoors can also be able to increase our sense of well-being. Plants inside the home can actually eliminate stuffy air around your home, help deter illness, reduce stress, as well as boost your mood.
5. Invest in Quality Equipment

To make sure that your family stays warm during freezing winter days or cool during hot summer season, you should consider investing in a quality air conditioning or heating systems as well as other stuff that can help control the temperature in your home such as double glazed windows. Double glazing windows are now becoming more and more popular as it can give homeowners a lot of benefits. However, you should make sure that the double glazing repairs Bolton, installation and maintenance should only be done by a professional double glaze window company like. In this way, you will make sure that all members of your family are comfortable; making them much happier despite the bad weather condition.  



Why Do a Lot of People Want to Switch to Double Glazed Windows? 

Double glazed windows and doors are designed to let in natural light (like any other window), while blocking the heat’s movement, making them a really great insulators. They are built with two glass panes that are separated by a trapped air layer. Most double glazing companies provide window options that have a layer of desiccant in between the window panes. This layer aims to stop the forming of fog and absorb any moisture, keeping the double glazed windows crystal clear.

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows can insulate in a wide variety of ways, therefore, less heat can escape because of the window’s double pane. The air movement’s slowing pace means that the insulation is being aided – the most important feature as the layer of trapped air helps in the insulation process.

But the question is why do more people are switching to double glazing windows? Let us take a look at these benefits to find out why.

Benefits of Installing Double Glazing Windows

According to statistics, up to 18 percent of heat is lost in houses through windows in homes that are not insulated. Single glazed windows are actually bad at insulating since warm air can easily pass through a single pane of window glass, which reduces the temperature of your office or home.

By trapping air between two glass panes, the double glazed windows insulate as well as stops warm air from escaping. In this article, we have gathered some of the many benefits double glazing windows can give you, and it includes:

1. It Can Reduce Energy Consumption

Over the past few years, energy bills have continued to rise very quickly in the United Sates. Fortunately, you can be able to reduce your consumption in the long run by having a double glazed window installed in your residential or commercial property. The initial cost might be higher, yet the benefits will be very clear after a few months or years of using it.

Reducing heating bills and saving more energy is definitely the most important advantage of installing double glazed windows. Since less heat will escape if you have this kind of window, you will never have to turn your radiators or thermostat to their highest setting, making double glazed windows pay for itself a few months or years after installation.

The exact amount of money you can save on your energy consumption can typically depend on a wide variety of factors, but one thing is for sure, companies that offer window glazing services have already successfully helped a lot of home and business owners save hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year. Aside from that, you can also save tons of carbon dioxide through its ventilation.

Double glazing windows usually last for over 20 years. Before installation, some window glazing companies will also conduct an energy rating check to find out how well the windows or doors in your home or office will retain heat. By installing double glazing windows, households can be able to cut around 18 percent of energy consumption.

2. It Can Retain Heat Effectively

When you decide to have double glazed windows installed in your home, the temperature around your house will certainly be more comfortable and it will be much easier to maintain a good level of heat for your entire family, especially during cold winter days. However, it’s not only the windows in your home that can lose heat. Heat can also escape through the roof, gaps in the doors, and even the floor. Double glazing windows are just one method to make sure that your house is effective retaining heat in order to lower your energy consumption.

With a double glazed window, you can certainly reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your home, eliminating cold areas and improving the quality of time you spend with your family.

3. It Can Improve Home Security

Double glazed windows are difficult to break into, giving burglars or thieves much harder time to gain entry to your home compared to traditional single glazed window installations. Since double glazing windows are made of tougher and high quality materials and with twice the amount of window glass to break into, any pesky thieves and burglars will definitely think twice about putting your home in their list.

Having read all the benefits double glazed windows can give to you, your family, and your residential or commercial property, you might certainly know by know why a lot of people in the society want to switch to highly beneficial double glazing windows.